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The Hebaseem Group is not limited to one design discipline or sector.

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“If you never try you will never know”, says Aseem Sheikh, founder of The Hebaseem Group, an architecture led design studio named after him and his wife Heba.

Aseem set up The Hebaseem Group on 08.08.08 because of the auspicious relevance of its numbers in Chinese culture (and the fact that it was his birthday!). A few weeks later Lehman brothers and several other leading bank and insurance companies triggered a financial crisis which crippled the construction industry. While other architectural firms have subsequently reported record loses and redundancies, The Hebaseem Group has capitalised on the downturn in the market by creating a unique design consultancy that employs creative individuals that bridge the gap of architecture and digital design.

Having founded, and spent his career in larger architectural practices Aseem’s motivation in setting up The Hebaseem Group was his vision of “creating an international brand, which combined old and new methods of creative mediums within their designs, whilst maintaining a small business and family run team spirit”. The success of the practice to date shows that this ambitious statement may be well within reach. A core team of five and other staff employed on a freelance basis, when there are specific projects of merit, prevents the practice from becoming overly financially dependent on its clients and thus maintaining its design integrity.

This approach not only provides clients with a refreshing variety of services but successfully creates an office where design is not limited to one discipline or sector. The success of creating exceptional concepts lies in the collaboration of entrepreneurial and talented professionals from architects to web designers. Projects within the office are therefore as varied as their clients, which include: a small patisserie owner, sovereign wealth funds, private individuals in the UK and overseas, charitable trusts, schools, Lords with magnificent estates, boutique real estate funds and a shrimp farm owner in Columbia. An office within Royal Doulton’s original factory from the 1800’s with the Palace of Westminster opposite provides the perfect location for creativity and meeting clients.

Having originated from a large family in Northern India Aseem is constantly reminded of the privileges of being born in London and being able to pursue his dreams. His next major venture will hopefully see The Hebaseem Group providing design solutions that will help the inhabitants of the 200 slums near where his family originate from. 10/10/10.

Values & Affiliates

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The Golden Rule is to treat others as we would like others to treat us. At The Hebaseem Group we believe in respect, honesty and integrity. These are the foundations for our relationships and behaviour both inside and outside the company.

We have often declined profitable business opportunities where there may be concerns about the reputation or conduct of a prospective client or partner. Our ethical response will always be to choose the path of integrity, even if it may apparently compromise our own interests.

Stewardship and Accountability.

When we are entrusted with assets and responsibilities, we remain accountable for their care and productive use. In due course, we are accountable for and rewarded according to the quality of our stewardship. In the meantime, we believe that it is our responsibility to prosper those things placed in our custody to the best of our ability, leaving them better than when received.

Taking Responsibility.

Our responsibilities do not stop with the achievement of economic success.We are conscious of our responsibilities to ourselves and to others - we have a role and responsibility in using our skills to positively shape the future.

Living Our Values.

Sincerity, truthfulness and transparency contribute not only to the smoothness and efficiency of business transactions, but also to the longevity of valued business relationships, a reputation for integrity and the development of a spirit of trust with others.

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